I have something important to take up with you. We have a problem in the alliance. There has been much suspicion and little pleasant episodes. Part of the reason is that there have been several incidents where there have been some who have refused to follow the alliance's policies and chain of comand. These events lead to great irritation and unfortunate episodes. The last, with XOZ, was not his first. And perhaps he was not lordsou, but he behaved, and played as lordsou did. He was thinking about his goal, not the alliance. It is not possible to behave this way when you are a member of an alliance. It is absolutely impossible to lead the alliance, if not order are followed. Therefor i urge everyboddy to follow what is being said. It is usely a reson. And if you all see our ranking today. there is no doubt that the host is doing a good job.


Sverika, Presbyter - Carintia